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Easy, convenient and secure online signups available on this page.

If you aren't comfortable with online transactions, we can sign you up by phone or in our office

Phone: (587) 410-5818


Address: 101-1201 Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat

Included in every subscription:

  • An actual street address that shows on Google Maps

  • Secured mailbox access

  • Parcel receipt to keep your parcel deliveries safe

  • Convenient location for easy pickup

  • Mail forwarding, scan and email options are available for an additional fee

Virtual Mailbox Subscription - $20 + GST per month, pick up during business hours, mail forwarding and scan/email available for a small fee, no key deposit required.

Small/Personal Mailbox Subscription - $20 + GST per month, 24-hour access available, $50 refundable key deposit required (due when keys are picked up), mail forwarding and scan/email available for a small fee.

Medium/Business Mailbox Subscription - $25 + GST per month, 24-hour access available, $50 refundable key deposit required (due when keys are picked up), mail forwarding and scan/email available for a small fee.

Large/Business Mailbox Subscription - $30 + GST per month, 24-hour access available, $50 refundable key deposit required (due when keys are picked up), mail forwarding and scan/email available for a small fee.


You get the best deal when you sign up for automatic monthly payments, with 30 days notice required to cancel. Longer terms available are available, please contact us for details.

Mailbox Subscriptions: Text


Choose from the links below for the type of subscription you'd like to sign up for. This form will take you to our secure payment processer through Square.

Once we receive your sign up, we'll contact you with your assigned address. We'll also require copies of 2 pieces of ID (one photo) to prove that you are you. It's a simple as that!

If you getting a mailbox you'd like to have access to 24 hours, there will be an additional $50 refundable key deposit. If you are getting a virtual mailbox, no key deposit is require.

Contact preference when mail is received for you
Mailbox Subscriptions: Sales Lead


1. You will receive an email asking for 2 pieces of ID so we can ensure you are really you.

2. We assign a suite number dedicated to your name and send you a confirmation with the new address and how to use it. This is your dedicated address and you can use this when you change your address or for businesses, on your business correspondence and even your website!

3. Mailbox subscribers will be charged a refundable key deposit for their mailbox, and any after hours access required. Arrangements are made at this time for key pickup. Virtual Mailboxes do not require a key deposit.

4. Once mail or parcels arrive, we send you an email, text or phone call (whatever your preference) and you can come down and pick it up, or it can be forwarded at that time.

Mailbox subscribers will find their mail in their dedicated mailbox and can access their mail after business hours. Virtual Mailbox subscribers can come down during regular business hours and pick up mail/parcels at the desk.

Mail forwarding subscribers will have their mail forwarded on the schedule requested. (Additional charges apply - $6/forward, plus supplies and shipping).

​Subscriptions start on the day the contract is signed (any day of the month). We require 30 days notices of cancellation for monthly subscribers. There is no refund for prepaid subscriptions.

Mailbox Subscriptions: Text


You may still have questions. Feel free to call our order line at (587) 410-5818 and we can help.

What happens when I place my order online?

  1. We contact you, usually by email and request pictures of 2 pieces of ID (one photo) so we can verify it's really you.

  2. You are assigned a suite or unit number that you can use as your mailing address.

  3. You are sent a welcome email with your mailing address and instructions on how to use your mailing address.

  4. You are now free to use this new address to forward mail to, for ordering online, etc.

What if I want to choose a suite or unit number?

Just send your request with the identification information and we'll do our best!

Do you have access to my credit card information?

All payment processing is done through our secure payment processor so no, we never have access to your credit card information.

What happens when I get mail or parcels?

We contact you via email, text or call to notify you that we've received a piece of mail or parcel. If you have a virtual mailbox, it waits at the front desk for you to pick up during regular business hours. If you have a physical mailbox, it's waiting in your mailbox. If a package doesn't fit, we place a key for the large lobby lockers in it. If it's still too big, it's held securely at the front desk for pick up.

What other services can you provide?

Because we aren't aligned with a specific courier, we accept from ALL couriers. We can also ship using the cheapest and fastest courier service too. Fees for shipping are a flat fee of $6 plus the cost of shipping.

We have also partnered with Vista Print to provide printing services. Design services are included in every order.

We have scan, email and fax services as well.

What if I'm travelling for 6 months?

We can either hold your mail until you get back or we can forward some or all of your mail. We can forward as needed and have complete flexibility with the schedule and even the forwarding address. The cost for forwarding is a flat fee of $6 plus the cost of shipping - and you decide how it's sent!

We can also scan and email important documents at your request for a flat fee of $1 per page.

Mail forwarding is completely flexible and can change based on your needs.

What if I get a COD order?

We can accept on your behalf. The fee is a flat $6 plus the cost of the COD. We can either charge the card on file or you can pay in person on pickup.

What if I don't need the service anymore?

All we require is 30 days notice of your cancellation, from the date of your sign up.

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