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Finally your chance to be self-employed!

This program was created to help those individuals who just aren’t happy or fulfilled being an employee and want to go out on their own - but find self-employment overwhelming or just plain scary. It is designed for competent accounting personnel who have experience and a strong base of accounting knowledge. Once you are done this program, you should have a fully operational business that can potentially support you full time.


Anyone who signs up before December 31, 2022 will get a 50% rebate on their QuickBooks subscription for their first 3 months.

This program provides a professional workspace, desktop computer, and printer in a shared office setting.  Each workspace is completely furnished, in a professional store front office, with lots of on and off-street parking. It also includes mentoring with accounting and software issues, as well as assistance with setting up your business, creating your business website and building your client base. You will also receive assistance in on-boarding new clients and troubleshooting QuickBooks.

This is not a job – this is a program designed to help you become self-employed. You determine your own schedule and who you will work with.

The costs are simple. $300/month + GST for the first 3 months while you’re setting up your business, then after 3 months the monthly fee goes up to $400/month, for a six-month term. This fee includes everything: furnished professional workspace (which includes rent, utilities, wifi, security system), access to a desktop computer and printer, and business/accounting mentoring. After the program term, you can continue to rent office space, or you are welcome to go out on your own.

Additional fees outside of the program include: QuickBooks subscription fees; and depending on your choices could include advertising, website and domain set up fees, and office supplies, etc.

What do you need to apply? You need at least 5 years accounting/bookkeeping with payroll experience, perferrably with full cycle accounting to trial balance, and you have completed at least one university or college level accounting class. You must be a self-starter and be very self-directed. This is a self-employment program, so that means you have want to be self-employed and you’re willing to put in the work to do so. You will need to be a well-rounded business person, and be very comfortable with computers, using the internet and emails, and using cloud based storage systems.

Applications will be accepted until the two available spaces are filled. Please note not everyone who applies will be accepted. The winning applicants will have the proper qualifications, the right attitude and a good personality fit.

Once the six-month term is over, you should have a fully functioning bookkeeping business. This business is yours - you can stay and work in the office, or go anywhere you like. All the money you earn goes directly to you and it is the base that you will continue to build your business on. There are no commissions or referral fees paid to Prairie West, now or ever. You've now created an income stream that can help you become self-employed full time.

Please send your resume to with a cover letter that includes the statement, “I understand that this is not a job and there are costs involved with this program to help me become self-employed.”

For more information, please contact Sharon at (587) 410-5818.

Only those who have been selected will be contacted. Thank you.

Sharon Coolican, the owner of Prairie West Mailbox and Business Services  has over 30 years of accounting experience and 14 years experience with self-employment, in a wide variety of industries and positions, as well as experience with CRA as a tax collector and auditor. 

Please note:

  • Selected applicants must pay the first month’s fee upon acceptance and before taking over their workspace. Monthly payments must be received on the first of every month.

  • Contract is for a six-month term, after which contract moves month-to-month, with a one-month notice of termination.

  • A damage deposit of $300 is required, and can either be paid in full upon acceptance, or be paid in 3 equal monthly increments starting on the date of acceptance.

  • All furnishings, computers, printers and supplies provided by Prairie West Business Services remain the property of Prairie West Business Services. There is an option to purchase the desktop computer upon contract termination.

  • There is no guarantee of income, and all income earned is paid directly to the individual. Prairie West Business Services only receives the agreed upon monthly fee.

  • There are additional fees included that are the sole responsibility of the applicant and may include: business licensing fee, software subscription fees, website/domain fees, payment processing equipment purchases, and office supplies, to name a few.

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